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PDO Fishing Competition Round 4 /2012

The fourth round of 'The 2012 Angler of the Year PDO Recreation Club' competition was held last Thursday, 26th April 2012. This competition was generously sponsored by STS Oman represented by its Business and HR directors Mr Ramachandran and Ibrahim.

A total of 12 eager fishermen in 6 fishing boats joined the event, hoping for the daily prizes and the end of year Fisherman of the year title.. After a cancellation of a fishing competition early in the month for various reasons including unexpected storm and rain, the competition was held in extra ordinary spring weather conditions. Wave height of less than 0.4 meters and wind speeds of 5 knots were observed. The competition was started at 0630 in the morning, a rush last minute to launch the boats and availability of the winch man early in the morning resulted in minor launching delays. From there onwards, the competition was as fierce as it would ever be!

Majority of the anglers expected less fish activities in the sea. When the weather buoy was visited, a sign of Al Dorado seems to spring back to life. Few although small in size were managed to be caught at the buoy. Various reefs were attempted from 85 meters up to 147 meters close to the Fahal Island with no sign of any fish. The day started to look grim! It was almost 11 o'clock in the day with less than 1.5 hours of fishing competition time to go, a reef as deep as 175 meters some 25 km away from the shore was tested. This reef, proved to spring to life with Andaq of various sizes. Within few minutes, fish of up to 4 kg were reeled to the angler's boats. Adrenalin was once again running through the veins, with time pressure, game and bottom fish in various species to be caught had driven the anglers to become speechless! These depths are no joke to reel in big fish. It takes stamina, patience, and endurance to do so. Said Al Harthy and his new partner Mohammed Humaid proved to be the champions of the bottom fish in for the event. They came back with a great bottom catch of 24 kg.The Closest to this weight was of Dr Hakeem's and his partner Suleiman Al Harthy catch weighing 12.99 kg. However in the game class, the partners came back with 10.2 kg. This was enough to take the trophy of the overall winners to both fishing classes.

Picture of the overall class winners Dr Hakeem and Suleiman Al Harthy


Picture of the bottom class winners Said and Mohammed Humaid


In the day, no surprises were expected in the game fish category. Dr Hakeem and his partner Suleiman Al Harthy proved differently. They came back with a handsome catch of 10.2 kg of game fish majority being Eldorado (Mahi Mahi)

Pictures of the Game Class winners

Faisal Riyami and Salim Al Khatri


Biggest Fish winner Mohammed Humaid

In term of prizes, the winners of the 4th round were as follows:

  • 1st Overall Dr Hakeem Hassan 18 points
  • 2nd Overall Suleiman Al Harthy 16 points
  • 1st Bottom Said Al Harthy with 10 points
  • 1st Game Feisal Riyami with 8 points
  • 2nd Bottom Mohammed Humaid 9 points
  • 2nd Game Salim Al Khatri 7 points

With this fourth competition, Dr Hakeem is leading the competition with 48 points; however, just behind Dr Hakeem are Captain Suleiman Al hajri, Suleiman Al Harthy Faisal Riyami and Salim Al Khatri with 43, 40, 38 and 38 points each respectively. A very tight 2012 race.. Another 5 competitions to go! We wish the best to all the Fishermen and Fisherwomen!


Happy anglers participants, sponsor, supporters

Anglers, sponsors and friends