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Despatch of First OTSG.

Project:Amal Field Development.


Client:Petroleum Development of Oman

The first Once Through Steam Generator (OTSG) was rolled out of the Special Technical Services LLC (STS), Sohar workshop on 25th September'11. This was the first of the Seven 85 MMBTU skid mounted steam generators being built in Oman by STS for the Engineering technology Major, ProGauge Technologies Inc. USA. These 7 generators, when commissioned will produce the total steam requirement of the Amal Field Development Project. The Amal Field Development Project is one of the important Enhanced Oil Recovery Projects under implementation by PDO in Oman.

Each steam Generator weighs 135 MT and is shipped in 3 sections. It contains convection & radiant units, cabin & controls, stack, heavy duty feed water pump, highly sophisticated electronic controls and high pressure interconnecting piping. The system uses natural gas as fuel and softened water as feedstock. The equipment was pressure tested to 274.1 Bar pressure and was subjected to complete system simulation and functional testing prior to dispatch.

STS provides fabrication and construction services to ProGauge Technologies, not only in Oman but also in Bahrain as the region witnesses increased application of Steam Injection for Enhanced Oil Recovery, which demands specialist equipment.